If the estimated median lifespan of your suppliers and third-party relationships is significantly shorter than their peers, what position does that put your business in?

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MeasuredRisk is more than a third-party or supply chain risk management tool, we predict where companies and industries are heading, and offer decision intelligence on how to navigate these upcoming challenges. 

MeasuredRisk is the world's exclusive purveyor of business longevity diagnostics, offering real-time, AI-driven decision intelligence.

Unlike other SCRM and TPRM tools that offer a mass of data points and scores, our solution distills the data and offers actionable guidance on what steps you should take.

You need focused strategic information to make better, more confident decisions. Using AI, we gather, analyze, and synthesize the data, focusing on key factors: business resilience, cyber hygiene, and organizational longevity. Following tis, we offer a list of alternative suppliers to replace those with the shortest estimated median lifespan among their peers.

Be proactive. Make informed, data-driven decisions to strengthen your supply chain, protect your bottom line, and improve your competitive advantage. 

Are your supply chains and third-party relationships resilient enough to survive the next inevitable disruption?

If your critical suppliers go out of business, where does that leave you?  

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Why is this Technology Novel?

How is this better than other SCRM tools? 

Our patented AI platform provides predictive analysis. Other TPRM tools only understand the past. They fail to extrapolate from their sets of “knowns,” meaning you can only react to the next disruption. 

AI Data - Tech Webflow Template
AI Data - Tech Webflow Template

You’re proactive with MeasuredRisk.

When you search for a supplier, our AI platform analyzes over 3200 risk attributes. It develops a detailed understanding of the business ecosystem. You receive the most important analyses. The estimated median lifespan is an intricate calculation. It evaluates a multitude of diverse risk factors, from geopolitical to reputational. 

The estimated median lifespan answers the question, “How long can you rely on this supplier?” 

If you don’t like the answer, your dashboard lists alternative suppliers. Gain valuable, data-driven insight for contract negotiation, relationship management, and your own operational efficiency. 

Simplicity, Accuracy, and Reliability 

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Simplicity, Accuracy, and Reliability 

Analyze your entire portfolio for unforeseen risks that impact your bottom line.


Easy integration

A quick and easy setup to accelerate your process. Seamlessly integrates with your established ERP vendors.


Easy to use

Intuitive, user-friendly design requires minimum training so you can dive in quickly. 


Flexible Scalability

Grows with your expanding business. Adapts to your changing ecosystem. 


Hands-free Automation

No manual analysis is required. Simply search for a supplier or upload a CSV. 

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Our Platform in Action. 

See what our clients say.

From tech providers, to consultancies, to clients - our fans are raving

"We were looking for a solution that allows us to be proactive vs. reactive. MeasuredRisk is exactly that."

SCRM Manager

Financial Company

"We've been going the direction of AI and predictive tools, this fits in perfectly and allows us to be ahead."

Security Consultant

Consulting Firm

"In the entire TPRM space, the sales process involved is annoying. You guys solved that by going SaaS, awesome."


Supply Chain Consultant

"You guys combined two really important things, to make a better model; cyber hygiene and business resilience. You've effectively doubled the value in one slick solution."

Systems Engineer

Defense Contractor

"When you showed us the difference between your algorithms, and the other scoring platforms, we were blown away."


Analytics Company

"We have to figure out a way to buy this solution. Once you see it, you can't "unsee" it."

Procurement Lead


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Invest in the Next Unicorn.

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Join our investors as we pioneer Supply Chain Risk Management. 

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Be proactive. 

Make better, data-backed, strategic decisions. Reinforce your supply chain. Secure your bottom line. Upgrade your competitive advantage.

In the time it takes to make coffee, you could source the most secure coffee bean supplier in the world.

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