IT Security Clinic

At MeasuredRisk, we don’t believe in the all-too-common commodity approach to assessing IT security controls, which typically only evaluate logical controls, usually through a risk assessment and/or a vulnerability assessment using standard vulnerability scanners and without a comprehensive manual test. But that is not even the start of it…

We see that each business is different, has evolved differently and has adopted or developed different security architectures, so we begin with understanding your business. Working with you to understand your business priorities, current posture, critical concerns and future needs, determines our approach to covering the following areas:

  • Culture: The insider threat can manifest through both digital and physical means. Our team is proficient at enabling organizations to limit potential damage emanating from employees, shareholders or even alliance partners who inadvertently expose you to increased risk through misuse, misunderstanding of policy or lack of security awareness.
  • Collaboration: Policy creation and implementation is only effective if there is a culture inside the organization to adhere to them. For this reason, we ensure our clients map risk mitigating processes that can be acted upon through internal collaborations and help ensure policies are aligned to the business mission, the overarching risk environment and the culture of our clients.
  • Capabilities: We provide insight to ensure the Information Technology assets that you rely on are optimized, secure and manageable; with input on necessary technology selection, usage and direction aligned with your future business strategies.
  • Vulnerability: MeasuredRisk defines penetration testing as a structured task, not a baseline checklist activity, with the following areas covered:
    • Risk Assessment: Determines your organizations risk, risk tolerance and risk preparedness.
    • Vulnerability Assessment: MeasuredRisk takes this test beyond traditional offerings in a number of ways, the most important being the validation of results from our automated tools, along with manual testing to ensure the maximum number of findings.
    • Penetration Testing: With decades of real world experience dealing with cyber criminals and attacks, our best of breed team will perform the highest quality manual testing of systems both specified by you and selected for investigation by us following the external and internal vulnerability assessments.
    • Social Engineering: Exploits the weakest link in nearly every organization’s security plan, the employees themselves.

Following initial orientation, and having gained an understanding of the return on objectives you wish to achieve, we will agree a statement of work. On completion of our engagement will deliver a comprehensive report covering the activities undertaken along with any recommendations and comments we feel appropriate. This report can form the blueprint for your future IT security risk strategy and underpin future business decisions to realize a return on your investments.

MeasuredRisk offers the option for clients to access the MeasuredRisk platform during and beyond the penetration testing. Advanced scanning and specific tests can be configured for the platform to perform an automated and ongoing penetration test for a continuous view of cyber exposure. This SaaS offering is available on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

MeasuredRisk will help you to see security differently. [contact us] to discuss the benefit of our security clinics and see risk as we see risk.

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