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Jun 7, 2018

AI Finds Harmony With Accounting, Procurement Professionals

Jun 6, 2018

AI investment rising significantly among early adopters

Jun 6, 2018

How Facebook scales AI

May 29, 2018

MeasuredRisk Appoints Former Team Cymru Co-Founder Stephen Gill as Chief Strategy Officer to Join the World's Leading AI Powered Risk Inference Pioneer

May 22, 2018

MeasuredRisk and Exodus Intelligence Align to Automate Cyber Risk Inference at Light Speed

May 9, 2018

MeasuredRisk Appoints Former Symantec Executive, WholeSecurity Founder and CTO Tony Alagna as Chief Technology Officer to Join the World's Leading AI Powered Risk Inference Pioneer

Apr 14, 2018

Cyber Security Threats

In order to be able to accomplish the goal of preventing the damage from significant risk forces,...

Apr 6, 2018

What do we aspire for?

Almost 20 years ago, I was living in a 20X20 basement apartment. I was fresh out of art school, ...

Mar 28, 2018

Business Risk, Operational Risk and Related Financial Risk

While researchers, analysts and various other writers tend to emphasize the importance of classif...

Retrospection vs. Prediction

Many years ago, I was watching the movie “A Brief History in Time” featuring Steven Hawking. In o...

Shifting sand for bad guys…

For several years, we have been considering various concepts around cyber deception and moving ta...

The silo we call security

Eighteen years ago, in the crowded shuffle of NYC, I had a packed day of back to back meetings to...