Risk. Harvest. Distill. Inform. View. Know. Interpret. Prioritize. Act.

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Combining statistical modelling and subject matter expertise, MeasuredRisk brings together SaaS and [Advisory Services], delivering a comprehensive business risk management platform, designed for C-Level consumption, to help business functions collaborate and business leaders make risk decisions.

All organizations must accept some degree of risk. But to help with business risk management, the MeasuredRisk platform connects risk data from any number of disparate sources based on your specific business criteria and distills information only relevant to the organization, informing the functional stakeholders and the appropriate executives so that business decisions can be made.

Harvesting raw and transformed data from both the original source and 3rd party technologies, covering all categories of risk, the indicators are networked and mapped to client specific risk profiles, so that MeasuredRisk can provide executive level visibility into the impact of risk on their business.

[view] is a dynamic risk model that provides both an external and internal view for a multi-brand organization into risks they are exposed to from a cyber, operational, economic, social, environmental and geopolitical perspective, whether local, regional or global.

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